Color my page!!!
How would YOU like to choose MY colors for a journal page and see in a video what I do with them?

So…I was thinking the other day…

I have yet to test the Mijello Mission Gold watercolor paint for real and take my experience with it a bit further than color swatching. AndI also like a challenge…so what if I combine the two and let YOU color MY page?

But…since it’s fun to do together…you color my page, but I was thinking that perhaps you’d like to join! What if you use the same colors for a journal page of your own and post it in my Art Journal and Diary pages group on Flickr? Or on your own blog with a link in the blog or YouTube comments? You wouldn’t be restricted to the Mijello brand, of course. You can use any brand of paint that you have and any type of paint…acrylics, gouache, oils, crayons, pencil…everything is fine.

Below you find an image of the Mijello Mission Gold color chart, for reference. You can click on it for a bigger version. Unfortunately my scanner didn’t pick up on the Bright Opera, but if you take neon pink in mind, that comes really close to what the color looks like.

mijello mission gold watercolor color chart by mandy van goeije

Limitation is inspiring!

It’s like many artists and writers say: working within limitations fuels the inspiration. So let’s see what it does for us in Color my Page, eh?

Will you take the challenge?

Below you will find a poll in which you can clhoose 5 colors that you’d like to see me working with. You can choose the most beautiful combination or the ugliest…whatever you like to throw at me I’ll take. The top-3 winners I will use exclusively in the making of an art journal page, which I will make a speed paint video of for you to see.

Facebook group

For those who really like this challenge, there is a facebook group you can join to share your work! You can visit it right here.

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